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  • How can I access the DVR on TV Or Monitor?
  • How can I access the DVR on Local Area Network (LAN)? 
  • How can I access the DVR on Internet (WAN)? 
  • Can I access the Cameras on my Mobile Phone? 
  • Software of the DVRs are available for which Phones. 
  • Can I payback the Recorded Data on my PC through LAN or WAN? 
  • I want to take backup on USB Memory using TV or VGA Monitor Display.
  • How do I Download a recorded event on my PC?
  • I want to See multiple DVRs on the same screen on my PC?
  • Can I change the Settings of my DVR from remote site using PC? 
  • How can I playback the backup Data?
  • How do I contact to Voice Communications though my PC to the DVR Location?


1. How can I access the TAB Technologies Surveillance System (TTSS) DVR on TV or Monitor?
Answer: The Power of the DVR must be ON and TV Output or VGA Output must be connected to the TV or Monitor. The DVR will show multiple screen sections and those channels can be accessed  for live Monitoring, but if you need more access to settings and other functions of the DVR, login is required for that purpose. If required the Monitoring can also be provided after login process. 

2. How can I access the DVR on Local Area Network (LAN)?
Answer: you can access the DVR by typing the IP Address of the DVR in Internet Explorer Address Bar.

3. How can I access the DVR on Internet (WAN)? 
Answer: Get a DNS provider or use clients such as DynDNS if you have a 
dynamic IP. Or we can host your dns. Contact us for details

4. What the difference between Group Mail/Mail Aliaes?
Answer: Group mail dispatches mail to a predefined group of e-mail addresses. A mail aliases redirects an alias e-mail to a real users account.

5. How do I do a backup?
Answer: Reader your Administrator's Manual for complete information.

6. I have a PC Anywhere server setup on my internal network and want to 
gain access to it?

Answer: NAT going to internal IP Address with ports: 5631 and 5632

7. How do I upload a webpage?
Answer: FTP using the username wwwadmin and the password you set. All files go into public_html and scripts into cgi-bin.

8. How do I access the members only area?

9. How do I see how much diskspace my users are using?
Answer: System Maintenance/Disk Usage

10. How do I do 'whatever' with the ISAVOX?
Answer: For custom solutions please contact us at and make a request. We can supply a quote for custom solutions, usually within 24 hours.

11. How do I contact Technical Support?
Answer: Send e-mail to or call +1-905-948-1475