TAB Technologies is a company from the group of TAB Security Technologies (India) Private Limited. TAB Technologies is sales and support oriented organisation, providing best services for the material sold. In CCTV Industry India TAB Technologies is the only company with Technical Support Center for online support of the device and Call Center for telephonic support all over India. TAB Security Technologies (India) Private Limited (TSTIPL) is the manufacturing unit and TAB Technologies is the sales and support unit for the material manufactured by TSTIPL. TAB Technologies provide the telephonic and online support for the devices sold. For Direct onsite support, we have our third unit i.e. D-TAB Security Systems. We are the only manufacturer of Digital Video Recorders in India but also we are the only providers of the DVRs with Full D1 Resolution (720 X 576 pixels) in India with full technical support. Selecting the TAB Technologies Products will be very beneficial in many ways due to companies best quality and support all over India. We are spreading very fast all over India and soon going to finalize our sales partners all over India. TAB Technologies is unique in CCTV Industry because of many reasons like these.  
  • TSTIPL is the only company with Hardware Design Center, Fabrication, Software Development Center, Assembling floors, Quality Control Units in India. 
  • The only manufacturer of Digital Video Recorders in India.
  • TAB Technologies is the only company with Technical Support Center in CCTV Industry in India with qualified Engineers for the best online and telephonic support. 
  • The only company in India with Call Center for Telephonic Support (Life-time free) 
  • Provides Best Quality DVRs with full D1 Resolution, hence the video quality is always 4 times clear than other DVRs. 
  • Certified ActiveX Components in all DVRs to keep your computers safe.  

TAB Technologies